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    The NeueChair is engineered to be the ultimate modern computer chair—fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, comfortable— all combined into a stunning design to cater to any user who spends long hours seated.

    Sitting for hours at a desk without sufficient support means your back, neck and shoulder muscles have to work much harder to prevent improper posture. More often than not, this results in aches and strains.

    NeueChair™ is designed not just to take the load and pressure off, but to keep your body naturally balanced and well-supported so you can maintain your focus on working.

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    Secretlab Chairs Features

    Built for resilience. Designed for comfort.

    Made with NeueMesh™
    The elasticity and breathability of mesh has made it the practical choice of the modern workplace. The NeueMesh™ is a premium 3-layer mesh created by combining polyester fibre and DuPont yarn, and has been optimized for long hours of usage, feel on skin, and long-term durability.

    NeueMesh™ has passed stringent ASTM tensile and tearing strength tests, as well as ISO 12947 abrasion resistance tests.
    ControlShift™ Adjustments
    Forget bending awkwardly and fumbling around to make adjustments to your chair. Simply squeeze the ControlShift™ hand levers to adjust to your preferred height(Right lever), or to lock and unlock the backrest tilt(Left lever). It’s simple and intuitive, as a chair should be.
    Lumbar support
    A simple and effective lumbar support that can be height-adjusted to suit the curvature of your spine.
    Ergonomic settings (Focus Mode)
    The NeueChair™ allows for two easy ways to change the ergonomic level of the chair. To change to ‘Focus mode’(the maximum ergonomic setting), tuck your body into the backrest by sliding the seat backwards, and push the backrest forward into your lumbar.
    Double layer Class IV hydraulics
    Nothing is more important than safety and stability. The Class IV hydraulic pistons from SHS is the go-to choice for all premium task chairs, and has passed rigorous tests such as BIFMA, SGS, and TÜV. We’ve customized an extra layer of protection(by carburizing) to further reinforce its long term durability.
    Designed for your health
    The NeueChair is engineered to be the ultimate modern computer chair—fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, comfortable— all combined into a stunning design to cater to any user who spends long hours seated at work.

    Sitting for hours at a desk means your back, neck and shoulder muscles are working immensely hard to keep your spine and body maintained upright. Each feature of the NeueChair™ is designed not just to take the load and pressure off, but to keep your body naturally balanced and well-supported so you can maintain your focus on working.
    ADC12 Aluminium alloy
    The core of the NeueChair’s supporting structure(wheelbase and backspine) are made from ADC12 aluminum alloy, a strong and durable material used in modern manufacturing. Strengthening ribs are added to the wheelbase, allowing it to pass the BIFMA static impact test(1360kg) and dynamic impact test(1150kg).
    PU-coated armrests
    Specially designed with a slight concave, and with a grippy PU material for the elbow to anchor.
    65mm PU casters, equipped with noise-reduction
    The NeueChair is equipped with durable PU rubber wheels that ensures smooth movement in all directions and are friendly towards most kinds of floor surfaces. Noise-reducing caps have been added to reduce unwanted noise.


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    12-Year Limited Warranty

    Item Period
    Skeletal Frame of chair
    Aluminum frame
    12 Years
    PA Frame
    Lumbar Support
    Central Mechanism Hub
    5 Years
    Armrest mechanism
    Casters mechanism
    Gas Lift
    3 Years
    Wear & Tear, including but not limited to: degradation of mesh, top portion of armrests, lumbar pillow, casters exterior, ControlShift™ paddles, variance of tightness of mechanisms. Not Covered

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews
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    Christopher T.
    Singapore Singapore
    Happy with my NeueChair

    Am very happy with the chair. Took me a while to figure how to adjust the lumbar support though.

    Secretlab US NeueChair™ Review
    Israel D.
    United States United States
    Fantastic chair!

    Was planning to buy a used aeron chair but i just could not wrap my mind spending over $500 for a used one, then i saw this chair on a facebook ad so i made a research about this chair and watched some youtube reviews before i pull the trigger. Couldn’t be more happier! I wish the headrest came with it tho.

    Secretlab US NeueChair™ Review
    Singapore Singapore
    The chair gave me backaches.

    Let me start by giving some context, I’m 175cm tall and about 72kg. I have relatively longer legs as compared to those who have average torsos to leg length ratio. Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying that this Chair gives me mixed feelings. I want to love it, and love it hard just like the many positive reviews everyone have said, and also the fact that NeueChair is a subsidiary of the award-winning gaming chair brand, Secretlab, so you guys should know your stuff. But again, this Chair gives me mixed feelings, and I can’t help but feel that I’m the odd one out by not being part of the hype train or that people are just giving the amazing reviews just cause. But by no mean am I saying this is a completely bad chair, there are good points too, and this is definitely an upgrade to my more than 10-year-old hand-me-down brandless desk chair, but it just may not be suitable for me. Appearance 5/5 This chair is definitely a looker. It’s sleek and beautiful to look at, and the metal parts in contrast to the black plastic, just amazing. It makes my room look more modern and pleasing. Adjustability 4/5 There’s quite a number of ways to adjust the chair to your liking. You can adjust the height, adjust the height of the lumbar support. Adjust the height of the armrests, adjust the resistance in the tension of the backrest and lastly adjust the depth of the seat. All these allowing you to find the right configuration to your liking. The only thing that’s lacking is the ability to adjust the armrests forward and backwards, that would be quite a nice addition. Comfort 2.5/5 This is the part of the chair where I’m having those mixed feelings. And it’s due to the mesh and the lumbar support. Firstly, the mesh. The mesh is a premium 3-layer mesh using top-grade polyester fibre and DuPont yarn and also has gone through stringent tensile, tearing strength and abrasion resistance tests. It is wrapped around the seat frame with nothing in the middle, so basically you’re supported by only the mesh itself with nothing underneath. The thing is that the mesh doesn’t seem strong enough to support my weight and I feel like I’m sinking into the chair, with the hard metal seat frame around the edges pushing right back into the edge of my butt and the back of my thighs, and that can get really uncomfortable after a while. Sad to say that my 10-year-old hand-me-down brandless desk chair, with it’s cracking leather cushion is more comfortable. So I’ve resorted to adding a cushion on the seat, which helps somewhat but not for long. If you’re having trouble understanding what I’m trying to say here then go on to YouTube and look for a video that’s titled “WARNING TO POTENTIAL BUYERS Neuechair sagging of chair after less then 2 weeks use.” by user “b3amsvvti”. Before buying this chair I was a bit apprehensive after watching the video but decided to try it anyway, reassuring myself that it could be many factors that might’ve led to that much sinking. But after buying it and sitting on it, I’m worried that the mesh on my seat will end up like the one in the video albeit not within less than 2 weeks, I hope. Next, the lumbar support. I don’t have the best posture in the world, and I think my 10-year-old chair contributed to that. And now with a proper chair with good lumbar support, I thought to myself my back will finally have some relief, but it actually aches after sitting for a couple of hours. The other thing that annoys me it’s that when you get out of your chair and get back in often, there is a tendency for your lumbar support to readjust itself. After setting it to the correct height, and going out your room for water, to the toilet or whatever many times in a day, the support just sinks right back down to the lowest setting. Personally I wished there was a locking mechanism of sorts to lock it in place, well that’ll probably only happen in the next iteration of the NeueChair. Maybe. Quality 4/5 When assembling the chair, which didn’t take too much time but you need some level of strength and effort, you can really tell that the chair is of good quality, and moving it around the room and sitting on it, touching the finishing, it’s really top-notch. Final Review 2/5 I haven’t thrown out my 10-year-old chair yet, and it disappoints me to say that I sometimes just go back to sitting on that chair for a few minutes and feel more comfortable. I don’t usually buy chairs unless I’ve tried and tested them out, and I took a gamble on this one, unfortunately, it’s no jackpot. I might just sell this chair at a loss. But also, if the huge majority of reviews are positive and only a few of us who just can’t feel that hype, then perhaps we’re the odd ones. TL;DR: This is no cheap chair, so make sure you’ve tried the chair FIRST before buying and if you’re going to be spending about over $700+ on a product, you should read the review.

    Secretlab US NeueChair™ Review
    Kelvin L.
    Singapore Singapore
    Great Chair

    It has met my expectations. Makes it so much easier to work from home with comfort

    Secretlab US NeueChair™ Review
    Logan D.
    United States United States
    Good chair

    Excellent experience--shipped timely, easy assembly, remarkably coherent instructions for a chair that as about x5 more levers and switches than anything I've sat in before. Highly recommended.