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Secretlab x Evil Geniuses - TITAN Evo Special Edition Gaming Chairs

Evil Geniuses Edition

#LIVEEVIL with the Secretlab Evil Geniuses Edition and pay tribute to one of North America’s oldest esports organizations. It’s time to embrace a future of dominance with EG.

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“As one of the original esports organizations, we’re constantly looking toward securing a greater competitive edge, both to honor our storied history and to deliver unforgettable victories for our fans. We’ve found a partner in Secretlab that shares our values and commitment, and we feel like they’ve perfectly captured Evil Geniuses’ roots and ambitions in the Secretlab Evil Geniuses Edition. EG aspires to be nothing less than the very best in all of our ventures. As the global leader in performance gaming seats, Secretlab is set to provide our players with the comfort and support they need to always perform at the highest level.”

Nicole LaPointe Jameson
CEO of Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses evil text
Evil Geniuses evil text
Evil Geniuses Edition

Upholstered in Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette
Available in Regular and XL
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Secretlab x Evil Geniuses

“As a former competitive StarCraft player, I remember watching Evil Geniuses put up some truly incredible performances in StarCraft II with players like Jaedong, IdrA and Stephano. Huk’s acquisition by Evil Geniuses in 2011 also saw him join forces with IdrA, a momentous twist to the longest running rivalry in StarCraft II. Fast-forward to 2015, and Evil Geniuses were lifting the Aegis at The International 2015, the first ever North American team to do so. Evil Geniuses are primed to grow into even more of an esports powerhouse, and with their recent re-entry into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the League of Legends Championship Series, I look forward to them finding further success at the highest tiers of the world’s biggest esports.”

Ian Alexander Ang
Secretlab's Co-Founder and CEO

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